AND Roadmap

Planning 2024

The Campus Upgrade will start in 2024 and is expected to span five years. We start with Calslaan Oud 5. View the planned steps here. More information about Calslaan Oud (1, 3, 7, 9, 11 en 13), Campuslaan Hoog, and the Pyramids and Mastabas will follow; those plans are still under development. The tenant roadmap is the route outlined for the tenants involved in the Campus Upgrade. Invitations and updates about the steps are communicated directly by email.

Tenant Roadmap

Step 1. Information Gathering

An Information Gathering will be organised for each residential building to inform students about the plans for the Campus Upgrade. The students will receive an invitation by email. During the meeting, we will explain the plans and work that will take place in the residential building. There will be time for questions and suggestions. Any other matters we can take into account during the project? We will be happy to discuss it with the students during the Information Gathering.

Step 2. Room Chat

The next step is the Room Chat with the Resident Coordinator. At least three months before work starts, they visit the students to discuss the move. The schedule is reviewed and students receive a relocation package. Another topic that will be discussed is which (large) items can remain during the upgrade and which items may need to be stored and where. The Resident Coordinator is there to answer all questions about the Campus Upgrade and the move. We also note any wishes and suggestions made to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Step 3. Final Check

Before the move, the Resident Coordinator comes by one more time. The last details about Moving Out Day will be shared. And the last questions can be addressed.

Step 4. Moving Out Day

We organise a Moving Out Day. There will be a container for the students who are going to move. Do you have old stuff you want to get rid of? Students can dispose them of in the container free of charge. In addition, there are facilities available to help with moving certain items.

Step 5. Moving Back In

The duration of the upgrade varies for each residential building. Ons Verbond is expected to be working on the renovation for approximately 4 to 6 months per residential building. We keep students informed about the work progress. Before the students move to the flex units, the Resident Coordinator will give them the schedule for when they can move back to their room.