More than 1,100 Veste Wonen student residences on the Campus of the University of Twente are being upgraded. The residential buildings are in need of largescale maintenance and renovation.

Calslaan Oud
The seven residential buildings on Calslaan Oud consist of 240 student rooms.
Campuslaan Hoog
The three residential buildings on Campuslaan Hoog consist of 205 student rooms.

July 2024

Step 3: Final Check and Cleaning Up Day Calslaan Oud 5

22 July t/m 23 August 2024

Summer break contractor

5 September 2024

Step 4: Moving Out Day Calslaan Oud 5

6 September

Start Campus Upgrade Calslaan Oud 5

Campus Upgrade

Upcoming events 2024

We start with Calslaan Oud 5 in 2024.


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