Flex units

Flex Units

Veste Wonen will arrange temporary living space in the Flex Units on Witbreuksweg. The units are furnished and include an independent room with a kitchen, shower, and toilet. Each unit has a single bed, bedside table with lamp, table, chairs, wardrobe, refrigerator, electric hob (2-burner), and kitchen utensils.

Do you have questions about the Flex Units? Please e-mail info@upgradecampusut.nl

When your residential building is being upgraded and you move into the flex unit, we will provide the following inventory:

1x dustpan and brush set
2x knife
2x fork
2x spoon
2x teaspoon
1x sharp knife
1x bread knife
2x mug
2x tea glass
2x large glass
1x cutting board
1x dish tub
1x dish brush
1x cooking pot (20 cm)
1x saucepan
1x frying pan
1x dinner plate (26 cm)
1x breakfast plate (21 cm)
2x small glass bowl
1x kettle
1x floor mop (including cloth)
1x kitchen trash can (50 liters)
1x bathroom trash can (3 liters)
5x clothes hangers
1x toilet brush