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FAQ Campus Upgrade

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Which 24 residential buildings will be upgraded by Veste Wonen | Ons Verbond? 

– Calslaan Oud 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 en 13 (240 student rooms | penthouses)
– Campuslaan Hoog 21-31 (89 student rooms)
– Campuslaan Hoog 41-45 (58 student roooms)
– Campuslaan Hoog 59-65 (58 student rooms)
– Pyramids & Mastabas Matenweg 73, 75
– Pyramids & Mastabas Witbreuksweg 377, 379, 381, 383, 385, 387, 389, 393, 395, 397, 399 en 401

Am I obliged to participate? 

Yes, the residential buildings need maintenance and will be made future-proof. All complexes are being renovated and refurbished. Where necessary, kitchens, bathrooms and toilets will be renewed. 

Will the students who now live in the residential building receive a rent increase?

No rent increase is charged for the renovation and refurbishment of the residential buildings.  

Will my items still fit in my room after the work has been completed?

Yes, the room remains almost the same size. In several places, an insulating front wall will be placed against the façade, which takes up some space. You can hang up your curtains again after the work has been done.

Can we come and take a look during the upgrade?

Unfortunately this is not possible. The residential building will be a construction site during that time. For safety reasons, unauthorised persons cannot access the building.

What are the contractor’s working hours? 

The contractor starts at 7.30 am and stops work around 4.15 pm. 

How does Ons Verbond deal with damage to tenants’ property? 

In principle, the aim is to prevent damage and to work properly. The residential buildings are being renovated in an uninhabited state. Items in the student room will be stored as much as possible in the room. Student items in the general area will be stored as much as possible in storage containers and floors in the rooms are to be covered. You take valuable and expensive items with you to the Flexwoning. If damage does occur due to work being done, this will of course be repaired. Ons Verbond is not responsible for damage caused by having to move tenants’ belongings. 

What compensation do we receive for the temporary inconvenience? 

The upgrade of your residential building is required. Veste Wonen will arrange a furnished guest residence for you. You will not receive any additional allowance or compensation. 

Student information

How can I stay up to date on the progress?

Students of the relevant residential buildings are kept informed of the current status via a newsletter (by email). General information about the upgrade and the newsletters can be found on our project site 

Do I have any input in the plan? 

Your ideas are welcome, via mail We will also organise a walk-in meeting for each type of residential building. Here, you can contribute your ideas, tips and points of attention for the residential building, as well as things that are important to maintain. Think of the bar in the house and meaningful paintings on walls. Ons Verbond and Veste Wonen will then determine whether maintaining this fits into the plan. We use the results from this information gathering to further develop the plans for each residential building and to improve the student rooms, living rooms, and facilities.

What is the role of the CTC (Central Tenants Council or CBR) in the project?

We involve the CTC (CBR) in the Campus Upgrade. We regularly talk to them. The CBR also works with us on the development. The CBR follows the project, gives feedback, and shares ideas. 

Will Veste Wonen | Ons Verbond also talk to the students about the upgrade and the move? 

Yes, we visit all students. During these talks, we will get to know each other better, we will tell you what the work entails and how this impacts you. You can also ask your questions during this time. You will receive a Moving-out flyer in which the action points of the move are briefly explained again.  

When does the information gathering take place? 

As soon as the plan for your residential building has been finalised, you will receive an invitation to the meeting. During this meeting, we present the plans. We describe what work is being done, what we expect from students, when the work will be carried out, and there is also time for questions. 

Where can I go with questions or complaints about the work? 

As soon as the plan for your residential building has been finalised, you will receive an invitation to the meeting. During this meeting, we present the plans. We describe what work is being done, what we expect from students, when the work will be carried out, and there is also time for questions. 
Where can I go with questions or complaints about the work? 
You can contact the resident supervisors or Ons Verbond. Send an email to or call the residents council of your residential building. 

Calslaan Oud:
Amanda van der Meijden, +31 (0)6 – 82 49 56 99, (Mon + Wed 08:30 – 17:00, Thu from 08:30 – 13:30) 
Campuslaan Hoog:
Esmée Wolsink, +31 (0)74 – 700 21 26 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri)
Pyramids and Mastabas, Witbreuksweg and Matenweg 73, 75:
Bianca Wolbers, +31 (0)88 – 259 03 05 (Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu)
Student Affairs Veste Wonen
Annette Weenink, +31 (0)6 – 83 08 49 67 (Mon, Wed morning, Thu and Fri) 

Who takes care of the communications during the construction period? 

During the construction period, Ons Verbond is responsible for communications surrounding the Upgrade and the resident supervisors will be your point of contact. Veste Wonen and Ons Verbond have direct lines of communication. The communications you receive from Our Verbond is coordinated with Veste Wonen. 

Working according to GDPR guidelines 

Ons Verbond and Veste Wonen take the privacy of its contacts very seriously and make every effort to properly secure personal information and only make it available where necessary. All parties involved in the development, implementation of the upgrade and delivery of the residential buildings are bound by GDPR legislation and act in accordance with the Transfer Agreement. This means that they are legally obliged to act with respect to (sensitive) personal information and may only use it for the purpose for which it was provided, and no longer than necessary. 

Schedule Campus upgrade UT

When does work on the project start? 

24 residential buildings on the Campus will be upgraded. Ons Verbond will carry out the work from September 2024 through to Spring 2029. After the summer holidays of 2024, we will start work in Calslaan Oud. This will be done in phases in each residential building. Before the upgrade of your residental building starts, you move to the temporary quest residence, the so-called flex units. We will coordinate the exact date with the students. This is at least three months before the start of work. 

Are all residential buildings being done at the same time?  

No. The upgrade of the residential buildings will be carried out in several phases. During the project, we take the situation of the students into account, for example, with exam periods. More information about the construction sequence and planning can be found under  Planning.  

What is the construction sequence? 

Phase 1: Calslaan Oud 
Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed Hardenberg B.V. and construction company Oude Wolbers start at Calslaan Oud. These are seven residential buildings, with 240 student rooms.

Phase 2: Campuslaan Hoog 
Trebbe and Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo are to carry out the work in the three residential buildings at Campuslaan Hoog (205 student rooms).

Phase 3: Pyramids & Mastabas Witbreuksweg and Matenweg 73, 75 
Trebbe Bouw and Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo are also upgrading the Pyramids and Mastabas. These are fourteen residential buildings with 679 student residences.

How long does the work take for each residential building? 

The duration of the upgrade varies per residential building. We expect that it will take 4 to 6 months to renovate and refurbish a building. The planning for each residential building is coordinated with the students. 

Are exams and holiday periods taken into account during the upgrade of the residential building? 

Yes, there will be no relocations around exams and holiday periods. The schedule is planned around this. 

When will the work be complete?

The entire upgrade is  expected to be completed in the Spring of 2029.

Moving to guest residence?

Do I have to move to a guest residence?

Yes, Ons Verbond carries out the work when the residence is uninhabited. Veste Wonen will temporarily arrange another room for you. This room, a flex unit, is furnished. You only take your personal and valued belongings with you. Other items can be stored. You will receive a temporary rental agreement. Do you have home insurance? Please let your insurance company know that you are temporarily moving to a guest residence. Due to safety reasons, you will no longer be allowed to enter the residential building while work is being carried out.

What is included with the flex unit?

The flex unit is an independent room with its own kitchen, shower and toilet. The guest residence has a single bed, bedside table with lamp, table, chairs, wardrobe, refrigerator, electric hob (2-pitter) and kitchen utensils. 

What should I bring to the flex unit?

You should bring your personal belongings, clothing (taking into account the seasons), bed linen and towels.

Do I have to register at the new address or is this unnecessary because it’s only temporarily?   

This is not necessary because you are staying temporarily in a flex unit. Your mail will continue to arrive at your existing address. So check it regularly. Because we are renovating, we will temporarily place the mailboxes outside the construction fences. 

How far in advance do we receive confirmation that we need to move?

During the walk-in meeting, the schedule for the work to be carried out on your residential building will be available. You will then hear when your residential building needs to be as good as empty. This is at least three months before work starts. Before the start date, the resident supervisor or contractor for Ons Verbond will stop by and check whether the necessary preparations are being made.

How much time do I get to move out/in? 

During the student meeting, the residence supervisor at Ons Verbond coordinates the date for moving in and out, together with you and your roommates. They will indicate how much time you will be given for this.

Where do I leave my things that I temporarily won’t be using during the upgrade? 

During the student meeting, you will be informed where you can put your belongings. If possible, large furniture can remain in your room. The Resident Coordinator will designate the place that is to be used for this purpose. You will receive a protective cover for your furniture to prevent dust and damage. For the items in the general area, we arrange storage containers in which you and your housemates can store your contents. These containers are closed and will no longer be opened in the meantime. So think carefully about what you put in the containers. Before work starts, photos of the room are taken. We encourage you to do the same. 

Where do we leave the items that belong to the group? 

These can be stored in the designated storage container. You can no longer access this while the work is being carried out.

My belongings are in the storage container. A situation arises in which I suddenly need them. Do I still have access to them? 

No, all your group’s belongings are stored in the container. Once the container is closed, you can no longer access it. The same goes for things in your room. While the work is being done, you are no longer allowed to enter the residential building. So make sure you take the items you need with you to the flex units.

Do we have to move our stuff ourselves?

Yes, you and your roommates are responsible for moving the items into and out of your residential building. You will ensure that your room has been emptied as indicated during the Room Chat. Together with your roommates, you ensure that the common areas (living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, etc.) have been emptied. It is possible to make use of a trailer. Do you need one? Then you can indicate this during the meeting. You cannot hold Ons Verbond liable for this even if help is offered out of courtesy. It is always at your own risk.

Do I get moving boxes for my things?

Yes, you will receive a relocation package from us. This consists of moving boxes, labels, and cover film to protect the furniture. These moving boxes remain the property of Ons Verbond and must be returned after relocation. Need more moving boxes? Ask if there are any boxes left in your group. Tip! Check the supermarket for extra boxes.

What does Ons Verbond do, if the timeslot for relocating doesn’t suit me due to studies or illness? 

First ask a roommate for help, if this does not work, please contact the Resident Coordinator of Ons Verbond. They will work with you to find a suitable solution.

What do we do with furniture and stuff we want to throw away? 

On the Moving Out Day, Ons Verbond places a bulk waste container near your residential building. Here you can throw in items that you no longer want to use. Not everything is allowed in the container, you will receive an overview of what is allowed to be placed in the container in advance.

Will the group I now live with stay together after the upgrade?  

Yes, your group stays together, because you keep the same room. 

Who can I call if something doesn’t work or is broken after moving in?

Take a photo of the item that doesn’t work or is broken. And contact the resident manager at Ons Verbond within 24 hours. They will handle your complaint. You will receive feedback within 5 working days.