Calslaan Oud

240 student rooms

The seven residential buildings at Calslaan Oud (1 to 13 odd numbers) consist of four floors with 240 student rooms. These residences will be upgraded. This means that the residential buildings will be made future-proof.
For example, this includes insulating the façade, ground floor and roof, replacing existing window frames and a gas-free installation for heating and hot water. Veste Wonen would like to make better use of the existing buildings and create more student rooms on campus.

A construction site will be set up for the project. This will include building supplies such as construction sheds and storage containers. We will start work in September 2024. Ter Steege and Oude Wolbers will carry out the work on behalf of Ons Verbond.

We start with Calslaan Oud 5. View the planned steps in the calendar below. Students from Calslaan Oud 1, 3, 7, 9, 11 en 13 will receive information about the work on their residential building on friday, July 5. They have received an email about this.

July 2024

Step 3: Final Check and Cleaning Up Day Calslaan Oud 5

22 July t/m 23 August 2024

Summer break contractor

5 September 2024

Step 4: Moving Out Day Calslaan Oud 5

6 September

Start Campus Upgrade Calslaan Oud 5

Calslaan Oud Calender 2024

In the Calslaan Oud calendar, you can see the upcoming steps from the tenant roadmap and more important dates for Calslaan Oud. Click on the button below and read more about the tenant roadmap.

Step 1: Information Gathering
Step 2: Room Chat
Step 3: Final Check
Step 4: Moving Out Day
Step 5: Moving Back in

Amanda van der Meijden

Calslaan Oud 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 en 13