Campus Upgrade

More than 1,100 student residences on the University of Twente Campus are being upgraded. This includes Calslaan Oud, Campuslaan Hoog, and the Pyramids & Mastabas on Witbreuksweg and Matenweg. The residential buildings need large-scale maintenance and renovation. The Campus Upgrade starts in 2024 and is expected to last 5 years. Ons Verbond is carrying out the maintenance and renovation work, and in collaboration with Veste Wonen, ensuring clear communication with the tenants involved.

What does the Campus Upgrade
mean for the tenants involved?

Students are required to move temporarily to the Flex Units on the Witbreuksweg. This process is supervised by Veste Wonen and Ons Verbond. This plan describes the rights and obligations of both the housing association Veste Wonen and the tenant. The social plan is still under development.

The students will have a Resident Coordinator from Ons Verbond. The Residents Coordinators guide the students and update them about the planning and the moving process. Attention is paid to the personal situation. Students can contact the Residents Coordinator for questions and advice.