About us

Veste Wonen and Ons Verbond

Veste Wonen is part of the housing corporation Vechtdal Wonen. Veste Wonen has more than 2,300 units on the UT campus. Ranging from rooms in a residential group to independent living spaces, studios, and apartments. Veste Wonen has commissioned Ons Verbond to upgrade more than 1,100 student residences.

Ons Verbond comprises the construction companies Oude Wolbers, Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo, Ter Steege Bouw Hardenberg, and Trebbe. The companies are joining forces to refurbish the student residences and make them more sustainable. With the lessons learned from each phase, we further optimise the construction processes. The construction companies are supported by LKSVDD architects, Viac consultants, Winkels Techniek, and Klein Poelhuis Installatietechniek.

Streamlined Campus Upgrade

The upgrade is based on good cooperation between Veste Wonen and Ons Verbond, always keeping the tenant in mind. The Resident Coordinators at Ons Verbond ensure that the process runs smoothly for the students. This involves attentive listening, empathy, consideration for exam weeks, and providing good guidance during the relocation process.